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Still Craving That Perfect Smile? Use This One Ingredient to Help Naturally Whiten Your Teeth.

activated-charcoalI admire those who are gifted with the perfect smile. It’s one of those things that people notice about you and it’s something that people will never forget.  You only get one chance to make a first impression, right? Tooth whiteners have been around for centuries. Romans used their own version of naturally whitening their teeth by using their urine.  Urine have ammonia properties, so it was used consistently as the bleaching agent in whiteners. They didn’t have the amount of whitening products we have now. So, fast forward to today, and it is as popular as it was back then, except now, there are more options available such as using veneers or seeing a cosmetic dentist. I have been debating about  which natural ingredients actually work  and what ingredient or product will give me the best results?

The one ingredient that I came across and I have never regretted using is activated charcoal. I am not talking about the type of charcoal you use for  barbecue. I am talking about a different type of charcoal. Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is a black and odorless powder that is very fine. It takes all the impurities and releases them in the air at a high temperature causing the bacteria to be absorbed. Most hospitals uses it to treat food poisoning or help with drug overdoses. It’s also found in many of your favorite beauty products and is considered one of the best kept beauty secrets.

Activated charcoal is gritty and tasteless.  You can find it in your local health stores either in pill or powder form. If your using a capsule, break open the capsules (between 1 and 2), mix it with water, and apply the paste directly on your teeth. If you are using powder form, dip a clean and wet toothbrush into the charcoal. After 2 minutes of brushing in a circular motion, rinse, and you’re done! Activated charcoal can get messy, so you should brush over the sink to catch the smaller drops. If you are truly obsessed with mess, brushing in the shower is your best bet.  This ensures that it rinses away residue with little to no clean up time.  Since activated charcoal is natural, it doesn’t harm the environment. There are so many other reasons why this one ingredient can help naturally whiten your teeth.  Most people who uses it see results of their teeth being 1 shade lighter after a week.  Have you used activated charcoal before? What type of results did you get?


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