What’s In Your Soap?

Bringing it back to nature when it comes using bath products is now the new norm and trending. I don’t really like to use the word “trending” because its associated with short term use and its considered popular for a brief season.  I like to think that people are aware, concerned, and becoming more health conscious with the products they choose.  Soaps are no exception and it’s important to know what is in it and why does it matter. Soap has been around for years, and in the good old days, people used what was around them to keep their skin healthy and glowing.  Through a mixture of ashes, vegetable oils with alkaline salt, and plain old rain water, soap was born. What has happened since then? When did all these harmful chemicals get added with fragrances without someone noticing?

I am thankful that some companies who make natural soaps, including myself, give many alternative options for those who are tired of figuring out what is really going on. Have you noticed that the companies who have been mainstream in creating soaps are now eliminating some of the ingredients on this list because of questions and growing concerns on how it affects our bodies internally and externally?  Take a look below and see if any of these dangerous ingredients are added to your favorite soap. If they are, consider changing your soap to all natural soaps that uses plant base ingredients that is harmless to the environment such as Aluxurybrands’. At Aluxurybrand, we use simple high quality ingredients including pure grade essential oils. Our soaps do not contain any of these toxins:

Parabens– These are usually used as a preservative in body products. It’s often described as “estrogen makers.” Parabens produces estrogen at a high rate.

Triclosan-The FDA recently banned this ingredient as well as 17 others from use in products such as soap. It weakens your muscles and promotes bacteria growth. It is most commonly found in antibacterial soap.

Sulfates- This is found in everything from laundry detergents to soap. It’s responsible for the bubbles in soap, but it also strips skin of its natural oils and it acts as an irritant to people suffering from eczema. Not only does this affect us, it affects our animals who live or die by water by polluting it. This is not the only name for it. It has been acquired over 200 names.

Dioxane- It’s a synthetic coconut and a chemical that is toxic to the brain and liver. It can also cause development and reproductive problems.

Formaldehyde/Diazolidinyl Urea- Most commonly used at funeral homes, but it’s also in soap. It weakens the immune system and can cause irregular heartbeats. Who wants to put something on the body that is used at funeral homes and on the deceased?

These are just a few of the names of chemicals and additives that will affect your soap and your body. Through research and studies, some of these also cause various cancers including breast cancer. Any ingredient that has “ine” or “ide” on the end of it is bad for you. I always say that if you can’t read it, then you don’t need it!! What did you find when you read the back of the label of your soap? Pleasantly surprised or bummed out?


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