Essential Oils

One Essential Oil You Can Use to Help Fade Stretch Marks

neroli-oilAs a mom, I know how hard it is to get in shape after having a baby. I also know what it’s like to have stretch marks and dream of ways to get rid of them. What are stretch marks? They are long lines or streaks on the skin resulting from stretching of the skin. You can get stretch marks in a variety of ways through pregnancy, growth spurts from adolescence, or health conditions, such as obesity. Many people treat their stretch marks through laser procedures or skin surgeries. Did you know that you can also use essential oils to prevent or fade them? One essential oil that has proven beneficial anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties is the neroli essential oil. This essential oil is from the blossom of the bitter orange tree and is sweet and have a citrus aroma.

It is also known to be non-toxic and non- irritant, so even people with sensitive skin can use it. Neroli promotes cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity, and stimulates circulation. One of the most important benefits of using neroli essential oil is that it prevents and diminish stretch marks. Using a carrier oil such as sweet almond or jojoba with neroli essential oil during pregnancy can also help reduce the chances of developing stretch marks and controlling dry skin.  Here’s a great recipe you can use to prevent and treat stretch marks:

2 oz jojoba oil or your favorite carrier oil

5-10 drops of neroli essential oil

5-10 drops of lavender essential oil

Pour all ingredients in a bottle and shake well. Store in a cool and dry place. Use every day until your stretch marks fade. The healthiest way to nourish your skin is to drink water and maintain a healthy diet. It’s also important to keep your skin moisturized daily. When using essential oils, always dilute in a carrier oil or lotion. If you are pregnant or have health conditions, please consult your doctor before using some essential oils. To prevent allergic reactions, always test on a small patch of skin. What essential oils or natural remedies have you used for stretch marks?


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