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At-Home Remedies to Soothe and Heal Your Dry Skin

The fall and winter seasons can cause a lot of people’s skin to become irritated. A complaint we hear all the time is that no matter what people are trying on their skin, nothing is helping with the dryness or irritation. If you have the same issue, and have not yet tried these natural remedies, you’re missing out! Here’s a few quick tips on how to soothe your dry skin for the upcoming cold months.

Olive Oil

Nature’s magic wand! Olive oil can be used in literally hundreds of different ways to improve your health. You could even use it as your main beauty regimen! Try it for removing eye makeup, healing cuticles, use it in your cooking and even in your hair! But our favorite way to use olive oil by far is directly on the skin. Dab a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil on your hand and rub it in your dry areas such as your elbows, knees, hands, face and anywhere else!


Avocado Face Mask

Avocados are great for dry skin because they are so rich in natural oils and vitamins your body needs like vitamins A, B, D, E and K. Here is an extremely simple face mask recipe to help you get the glowing and healthy face you’re looking for.


Needs 2 ingredients:

• ½ very soft avocado

• ¼ cup of honey

Mash avocado in a bowl and mix in honey. Apply to your face and leave on for about 10 minutes before washing off thoroughly



After trying it, people are always surprised how well milk can heal their dry skin areas. Milk has properties in it that helps with inflammatory problems and is one of nature’s best soothing solutions. Try soaking a small washcloth in milk and applying to your dry sots for 5-7 minutes. Then wipe off excess milk from your skin with a separate damp washcloth. Your skin will feel moisturized all day!


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used as a skin remedy, especially in the more tropical areas. It is also becoming more and more popular to cook with. The greatest part about coconut oil helping with your dry skin is how easy it is. Before you go to sleep, apply it throughout your dry areas and wash it off when you wake up the next day. You can do this every night or just once a week, you will see great results either way!


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