Care & Kindness

‘Tis the Season

With Christmas looming large and the year coming to a close, most of us feel hurried, harried and generally crazybusy. Does this sound like you? Most of us divide our waking hours between working, caring for our families, making lists, spending time with friends, shopping, cooking, baking, getting ready for parties, wrapping gifts…and generally going, going, going until we’re gone, gone, gone!

It’s certainly nothing new to feel increased pressure and anxiety during the holiday season, but what if we took just a moment (maybe just a few moments!) to breathe in the wonder of the season? Truly BREATHE. IT. IN.

Check in with yourself and decide what is it that keeps you going. Are you busy for the sake of busy-ness? Are you running around trying to accomplish goals that don’t really resonate with your soul? Is the time and money you’re spending on others leaving you depleted rather than joyful? Here are a few ideas to help you to reconnect your frazzled body and mind with that beautiful holiday spirit:

  • Take a quick walk around your neighborhood, mindfully inhaling the brisk winter air. Engage all your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and even taste as you move with intention through nature.


  • Look into the eyes of your family and friends. Look at pictures of those you won’t see this holiday season. Take a moment to appreciate the individuality of your loved ones, and visualize your heart expanding beyond its limits!
  • Call a friend instead of sending a text.
  • Remember the sense of wonder and anticipation you felt as a child during this season. Pretty awesome, right?

‘Tis the season…to share with others, care for yourself…and cultivate contentment. Get ready for a fabulous new year.

Earth Organics Flourish

What’s your favorite way to soak in the season? We’d love to hear from you!


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