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Yummy Yogurt

Eat It

Most people agree: yogurt is yummy. There’s no question that yogurt has gained popularity as a snack with its creamy texture and fruity flavors. Even plain, it’s just plain good! The individual cups make quick and painless snack options that most kids love, and the larger containers make it easy to have on hand for recipes. Those little single-serving containers certainly make it easy to pack in a kid’s lunch or for a grab-and-go snack, don’t they? That said, you can save calories, sugar, and money—and also try some different flavor combinations—by purchasing the larger containers of your favorite nonfat plain yogurt (or even the vanilla low fat yogurt). Just add fresh or frozen fruit, a little honey to taste, maybe a few nuts or seeds for crunch, and then plunk it into some reusable plastic containers! Easy, right? Don’t be afraid to mix up those fruit flavors!

Try This

Yogurt also makes a great substitution for sour cream or buttermilk in recipes, effectively reducing fat and calories (if you use low fat or nonfat yogurt, that is) and adding a tangy flavor. Do you like biscuits? I sure do. Mmmm biscuits. Try your favorite recipe (or this one from using yogurt instead of buttermilk. Fresh herbs like dill or parsley provide some freshness and flavor and might even make you forget about the butter. Maybe.

Mix plain yogurt with fresh herbs and a bit of onion for an excellent veggie dip.

Many people have lactose issues and can’t tolerate dairy, but some people can handle yogurt because of its lower sugar content and active cultures that aid digestion by producing lactase enzymes. Be sure to ask your doctor, and check out more of yogurt’s health benefits here.

Drink It

Plain yogurt adds protein, calcium, enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients to your favorite smoothie without packing in the additional sugar, fat, or calories. Add one-half to one full cup of nonfat plain yogurt to smoothies along with your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Yogurt for Skin and Hair Care

Maybe won’t eat or drink yogurt, and that’s fine too as there are lots of other great uses! Yogurt makes a great sunburn or acne treatment, and the lactic acid also promotes the growth of new skin cells which can effectively reduce the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation. Simply apply plain organic yogurt with a cotton ball to the affected area, or make a facial with two parts yogurt to one part oatmeal and apply to face with a circular motion. Scrub and rinse after fifteen to twenty minutes.

We already know the wonders of coconut oil and love it! For a fabulously moisturizing deep hair conditioner, blend two parts yogurt with one part coconut oil and apply. Leave it on for an hour before rinsing and shampooing.

Regardless of how you use yogurt, I hope you found a new use or two here. Happy snacking/treating/conditioning!

Earth Organics Flourish

What’s your favorite yogurt brand and flavor? What makes it your favorite?

Tell us about it.


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