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Holiday Travel

We are but a week away from Memorial Day—the unofficial start of summer. Many of us have travel plans to take advantage of an extra day off. But hasn’t travel become a bit demoralizing? Whether we pile into a car and traverse miles on highways—coping with traffic, gas stops, and unpredictable weather—or schlep to the airport, deal with parking, security, lines, and delays. Sometimes it’s easy to wonder if it’s worth it!
It’s also easy to dread such conditions, isn’t it? But of course, dread, fear, and other negativity often just breeds more negativity. It never prevents bad things from happening, though, does it?
Often the most important thing to pack for a trip is a good attitude. And it helps to prepare.


  • You will face challenges, but do your best to enjoy the journey.
  • Kids will absorb and imitate what the see or feel adults doing, so keep it light.
  • To smile at others.
  • To understand that everybody has something in common and be mindful of the small, subtle differences you can make.
  • To be observant and aware of your surroundings for safety sake, but you can also make a game of it. Be curious.
  • To be kind to everyone you see—and even those you don’t see—whether it’s on the road or in the air.
Enjoying the journey makes a huge difference. For everybody! I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend, whether you’re traveling or staying home this Memorial Day weekend.
More importantly, this holiday urges us to remember those brave Americans who died serving in our armed forces. Let’s be sure to honor those memories while creating new ones for ourselves and our families.
Make it truly memorial…
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