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Diffusing the Situation

Have you ever been in a conversation with a friend or family member that’s taken an ugly turn? What about those friends we all know and love who tend to get their feelings hurt? Maybe you’ve been confronted about something you said or did (or not)? We’ve all been there. Probably more times than we care to admit and possibly even today! Diffusing these potentially awkward and uncomfortable situations is a true skill and one we can all hone.

Regardless of how caught-off-guard we might feel, it’s important to think before speaking or reacting. Think first about taking a deep breath and trying to remain calm. Then remind yourself that it probably isn’t about you. Even if it is about you, taking things too personally or getting defensive most likely won’t help anything. Listen. Truly hear what the other person has to say. If you disagree, that’s fine. Speak with a calm voice and a gentle smile on your lips. Exercise kindness and self control, and respect the other person’s viewpoint, even if it doesn’t match up with yours. If you said or did something that hurt or offended the other person, accept responsibility and apologize. Offer to discuss at a more appropriate time and place to truly hear them out. Most importantly, try to put yourself in the other’s position.

These situations can create stress for everybody, but they don’t need to ruin relationships. Kindness and humility go a long way to diffusing tension.

Essential oil diffusers also ease tension and clear the air!  These small vaporizers create a peaceful, fragrant environment in your home, studio, or office by dispersing particles of essential oils throughout the air. A variety of sizes, types, and pricing options online and in stores.

Try This

Diffuse your favorite essential oils alone or in combination to freshen the air while bringing forth positivity and well-being. Staying calm, peaceful, and positive can certainly help prepare for challenging events.

  • Lavender – relaxing
  • Citrus – energizing
  • Sandalwood or frankincense – earthy, spiritual
  • Ylang ylang – calming
  • Eucalyptus – healing
  • Bergamot – antidepressant

Next time you encounter an uncomfortable situation, remember to breathe, smile…and listen. It will definitely work better to at least try to diffuse the situation than allowing yourself to get upset or angry. Make the world a better place with kindness and respect.

Earth Organics Flourish


When was the last time you had an awkward or uncomfortable conversation?

What was the outcome? 




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