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Fall Favorite Foods Series- Vegan Chili Recipe

As the fall come upon us, it’s time to seasonally change what we eat. I am always encouraged to see the fresh variety of fall vegetables available.  Preparing for the fall season with foods is easier than it sounds and it’s the way to go when preparing for a large family. My family and I… Continue reading Fall Favorite Foods Series- Vegan Chili Recipe

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The Perfect Fruit Salad for Summer! Fresh Watermelon & Herbs

Too Hot to Cook When July heat hits, it’s hard to think about cooking! I just love fresh herbs! It’s so easy to grow them, and summer recipes make it really fun to use them in various combinations. I always have four pots of herbs going on my deck. Typically, it’s rosemary, thyme, mint, and… Continue reading The Perfect Fruit Salad for Summer! Fresh Watermelon & Herbs

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What’s in Your Water

April Showers Spring is here! For many of us, spring evokes images of gentle rain showers nourishing the dormant plants, encouraging them to bloom and add great bursts of color to the drab browns of winter. Pretty soon, the mood-lifting scents of lilacs, crab apple, and cherry blossoms will fill the air as new buds pop… Continue reading What’s in Your Water

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Lemon Fresh

Delicious and Nutritious I recently extoled the virtues of chocolate—not that I likely had to twist anybody’s arm on that one—but there are certainly other delicious flavors that support good health. One of my dear friends actually doesn’t like chocolate at all. Her favorite flavor for sweet treats is lemon! I love lemon myself …lemon cake,… Continue reading Lemon Fresh